How to Use iMessage on iCloud? [Online SOLVED]

iMessage is Apple’s instant messaging service. It allows users to send messages and make calls to each other over a broadband connection (Wi-Fi or cellular) instead of using SMS (text messages). 

This makes it possible for them to communicate with anyone in the world who has an iOS/Mac device and an internet connection, regardless of their carrier. It also enables iPhone users to send text, picture, video, sound recording messages from their phones by using apps like Reminders, Calendar etc.

There are three ways you can use iMessage: on your Mac system running OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion or above , on your iPhone via SMS/MMS or making voice calls , and on your iPad , iPod touch or Mac running OS X 10.10 Yosemite.

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The idea behind such an app is to use it as your main text messaging platform. It allows you to send unlimited messages worldwide over Wi-Fi or 3G with multimedia content such as images, videos, contact cards and locations.

In order to use this feature of course you will need an active internet connection and an Apple ID. If you already logged in with your credentials on your device, it will automatically log you in on the web as well.

Steps to Use iMessage on iCloud:  How to Register and Activate?

  1. Click here and go to Apple website: .
  2. Click on “Create an Apple ID”.
  3. You can then choose between two types of account: a) An individual (only one person can use it), b) A family (multiple people). Then click on continue .
  4. Fill out your information such as First Name, Last Name, etc.; put down a valid email address; select your Country; make up a password; fill the required field with CAPTCHA; pick up a security question; click continue .
  5. All is done! You have just created your personal Apple ID for iCloud 🙂
  6. To activate the iCloud account, enter your Apple ID and Password into the fields on the left side of the website. A message will appear saying that you are logging into iCloud. If you receive an error message, please check here  to ensure that your information is correct. If not, please go back to Step 2 and make sure you’ve entered everything correctly (username should include ).   
  7. To verify this step, go to http://wwwiCloudstatusiconl/ (a) Now select ” Sign in” , then b) login with your credentials on your device, c) check that your iCloud is now activated.
  8. To activate the Find My Iphone feature, scroll to the bottom of the page and select ” Find my iPhone” . After you have enabled this option you can turn off Find My Iphone by selecting ” Turn Off” at the bottom of the page.