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The feedback acquired supplied insight you would possibly locate useful. The reader need to recognise that this facts isn’t medical and has no longer been put via in-depth statistical models or reviews. Please do your very own research before adopting any of those hints from fellow Nigerians.

In the preceding Ezine article fellow Nigerians were requested to share their plans and preparations for “The Big R,” retirement. Many replied, and way to all people who took the time to put in writing.

James (final name withheld) wrote: While we conflict to stay up to expectation, (Not that I recognize who is expectation) plenty is wasted on matters with out tangible destiny price. I even have frequently visible that mansion inside the village as a waste of valuable cash however we did not develop up with the lifestyle of making an investment for the destiny.” Children are often our retirement. We want training if we do not want to grow to be a burden to the children or start packing in instruction for a very last experience to the village as we head in the direction of retirement.

Some Nigerians who implied or expressed that they’re African food home delivery domiciled in Europe took the stance that the governments there’ll take care of their retirement, and therefore they did not must fear about saving additional funds. “Those in Europe and Scandinavia won’t have plenty to share, as their retirements are fairly higher secured as long as they’ve had active working lives and have paid into the better controlled retirement purse – not like the American 401K,” remarked a reader known as Ayookun.

While a few readers who replied have totally lost religion in Nigeria for diverse motives, there are extra people whose notion in Nigeria is rock strong. Those who’ve written Nigeria off as a place to retire or make investments for retirement cite common proceedings of Nigerians remote places: swindling through family and as soon as-trusted pals in Nigeria; and horrible governance. In their enjoy, they were pitched awesome funding ideas, best to be taken to the cleaners as soon as their hard earned money is sent to Nigeria. Jabolondon wrote this approximately an uncle who turned into duped while he invested for retirement in Nigeria: “He appointed his brother as “Project Manager” and, due to the fact that 1994, has diligently repatriated budget for the challenge. Fast ahead to nowadays. His house is one degree of concrete blocks in a garbage-strewn site. His brother, in the meantime, is the proud proprietor-landlord of a block of four x four plush apartments.”

This has been a critical and perennial compliant of many Nigerians working overseas. It is pretty damaging to all events in obvious ways: the person who is cheated no longer handiest loses his scarce retirement funding, but may additionally inadvertently ignite everlasting family feuds that do no accurate. Those overseas who listen those (frequently exaggerated) testimonies are dissuaded from making an investment or making plans to retire in Nigeria. The man or woman doing the cheating loses too, due to the fact ori otu mgba a bughi ezi – he who eats all the meals straight away starves once the meals in his belly digests.

However, for each five respondents who’ve had enough of Nigeria and do not intend to retire there, there are 11 that urge a 2nd appearance. The latter institution espouses the blessings of investing in Nigeria as a retirement automobile. One prolific commentator named Patcho made a point this is very appealing to maximum Nigerians in Diaspora. He said, “Eventually while retirement age comes, I’ll like to retreat to my village due to the fact I need to walk around, feeling the soil barefooted in my compound and inviting traffic who did now not need to name or write me before they knocked.”

Using the money Patcho stated he despatched home through the years, his family in Nigeria have helped him amass real estate holdings round his domestic town. Wouldn’t or not it’s fantastic for most of us, each in Nigeria and foreign places, to have the sensible option of retiring in our villages in peace and security; bringing our retirement budget to revel in and to assist further develop Nigeria?

Cajetan Nwagbara has this edited recommendation: “Go to any city in Nigeria, and buy a parcel of land. Develop it, build at the least 12 apartments, and hire them for N25,000 each flat per month. One can effortlessly stay on N300,000 income, if one has a private residence and a first rate automobile.” It is a good idea. Frankly, a retiree in a medium- to low-cost a part of America can live to tell the tale on $2,000 (plus Social Security profits) if the Nigerian finances can be religiously sent right here and the individual is in enormously accurate fitness and has no loan on the house in the States.

Valteena summed it up this manner: “Haba!!! Onyeije Naija cannot be that horrific on the way to want to erase it off absolutely. I beg no erase. Nigeria can also yet go higher.” That became in response to Onyeije who wrote as if Nigeria ought to be wiped off the map. He stated ” I am simply looking ahead to my dad and mom to join their ancestors, then I [will] erase and obliterate that name NIGERIA from all available lexicon.”

Those are heartfelt phrases from someone who obviously loves Nigeria but is deeply disappointed in what Nigeria has end up. It is a sentiment discreetly shared through many Nigerians, in particular the ones in Diaspora. These Nigerians resent the leadership at home who fostered the situations that forced them to abandon their acquainted environment and reside distant places, whilst many that want to go away Nigeria look up to those overseas as the fortunate ones.

The mention of retirement homes in the preceding article sent shockwaves to most readers. Studies show there are numerous outstanding retirement homes all over the western international, but most of them additionally include hefty rate tags. From the comments, it become obvious that the possibility of going to any nursing home is just too warm or raw for most Nigerians abroad to address. Truth be instructed, a lot of us need to get serious with retirement and property planning and funding if we’re to avoid the dreaded poor nursing domestic predicament.

The unique article changed into written to awaken and bring to vanguard the importance of retiring with dignity, and the want to store the important finances to gain this golden age intention. You want quite a variety of cash to do this, so prevent wasting and start saving as if your existence relies upon on it – as it simply would possibly.

Many of us have youngsters, and kids everywhere love their dad and mom as lots as youngsters everywhere. Let’s now not lose that point on this complete wholesome dialogue. However, we have no longer come this some distance, worked this tough, and weathered such a lot of storms to depend on each person else, consisting of our exquisite and loving kids. We must spare them the worry of our finances. We must be leaving estates for them to cushion their lives, no longer saddling them with the financial hassle of worrying for us in our antique age.

Rokijola has an out of doors-the-container, albeit utopian, solution: “One alternative could be to have retirement homes in America that cater to Nigerians, and feature sister retirements houses in Nigeria. These retirement homes may be operated some thing similar to time-share excursion houses. The best mission may be coping with healthcare needs, that’s a given with antique age.”

That is one top notch concept, especially if eating places serving actual Nigerian meals are placed at the premises like those close to Highway 59 and Bissonnette in Houston, Texas. That place is the nearest you can be to Aba, Calabar, Benin, Owerri, Jos, or Lagos without leaving America. The handiest food higher or maybe near would be domestic cooked meal organized by one’s spouse. Sorry to digress, I simply need to give a shoutout to the ones Houston restaurateurs; none of whom I recognize in my view.

F. Scopion made tricky and logical factors, contemplating inflation, deflation (that is more extreme), low hobby profits, American 401K plans, and Roth IRAs, as well as international and long-time period (30-12 months) perspectives. F. Scopion wrote: “Best bang on your greenback, and almost the only sane choice left, is to spend money on an emerging financial system. A lot of savvy center class Americans are already investing in BRIC [Brazil, Russia, India, and China] countries the use of economic units. Some even journey there to shop for actual estate. Nigeria isn’t on the listing yet, due to the fact its financial machine continues to be too opaque. My factor? Investing in assets in Nigeria is more than simply an amazing idea: there’s no earthly motive why you shouldn’t do it, if you could. I can assure you that properly-to-do Americans might soar at that chance”.

Idi-ogi made a alternatively excessive appeal towards retiring remote places but softened it by way of suggesting investment in Nigerian real property. He wrote this: “Retiring overseas is not as rosy as it may first appear. When I lived in England, my wife achieved a survey related to antique retired people. She met an elderly Nigerian whose wife had lower back to Nigeria while he stayed in Manchester. This gentleman become unkempt and disheveled. He changed into malnourished because his meals were pushed over the door and not using a possibility for him to make his preference regarded. Same for his different elements. The employees absolutely left matters at the door and notified him with the aid of knocking on the door. By the time he opened the door, they have disappeared into skinny air.”

“Investing in actual property is the manner to go. The go back on investment is far better in places together with Lagos and Port-Harcourt. The disadvantage is that there may be little or no opportunity to finance the huge sum of money wanted. A similar investment in the US will yield minimum returns right now, however can be simpler to finance with excellent credit score,” he concluded,

I also receive responses that have been either too non-public to submit or the emailer did now not want me to cite them or use their names. Those responses made me think this subject matter has deeper roots than I first concept. Brothers and sisters, retiring in poverty is hellish. Retirement making plans and investment is neither a husband’s thing or a spouse’s aspect; it’s miles a circle of relatives jewel. One has to reflect onconsideration on one’s self and partner first. When you REALLY need them, you cannot Western-Union returned the finances you ought to have stored and invested on your running years.

It might be prudent to diversify and not placed all your retirement eggs in one basket by using making an investment handiest in Nigeria or completely for your base distant places, or in rising markets. Those governing Nigeria ought to capitalize at the pull of finances held remote places by using each Nigerians inside and outside the united states of america by using making situations more appealing for those Nigerians and their price range to come home to roost.