Where to eat at La Manga Club

La Manga Club offers a variety of restaurants, cafes and bars to meet the needs of every visitor. Restaurants in La Manga Club include many international and local pleasures. More than twenty-five restaurants and bars can be enjoyed at a certain time.

Brief Overview of Delis and Cafe La Manga Club

Deli Cafe.

Located in the village of Hyatt Las Lomas, The Deli Cafe serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The Deli Cafe serves a variety of lightweight snacks besides full food. The terrace offers beautiful views of other resorts. Nearby, you can explore mini-markets and DVD rentals.

Die break.

Tie Break is located in the tennis center and provides the right place to relax and rejuvenate after the match. Tie Break does not serve dinner, only breakfast and lunch for those who enjoy traveling.

Bar 37.

Bar 37 serves breakfast and lunch at the Club House, close to a golf course. Sometimes it is called the Golf History Museum La Manga Club, golfers enjoy snacks or snacks while enjoying the view of the golf course.

West Clubhouse.

The terrace at The West Clubhouse serves breakfast and lunch. Located in the Western course, West Clubhouse is the right place for golfers to enjoy breakfast or lunch after a golf match.

Bar Piano

Located in the Hyatt Regency La Manga, Piano Bar offers a sophisticated area to relax and receive music. There are no visitors under the age of 18 who are permitted after midnight. Dress code provides a style full of styles to enjoy popular cocktails and sports people watching.


This is a sports fan paradise. Mulligan is modeled after a traditional pub and provides giant television and displays recent sporting events. Located in La Plaza.


This is mainly a sports bar that offers a variety of international drinks and snacks. Sportsman is located in Bellaluz Square.

Sol Y Sombra.

Located close to the pool and overlooking the 18th North Green, S Sol Y Sombra is the right place for the family. This is a seasonal lunch terrace.

Brief Overview of Restaurants in La Manga Club

Amapola Restaurant.

Located at Hyatt Regency La Manga Hotel, Amapola Restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Seating includes two private dining rooms and a beautifulโดจิน terrace overlooking the golf course.

Indian Restaurant.

Indian restaurant is open for dinner only. Located in Hyatt Las Lomas Village, Indian cuisine can be enjoyed with a sophisticated contemporary atmosphere overlooking the amazing panoramic view.

Asia Restaurant.

Open for dinner, Asia Restaurant offers a variety of vegetarian food as well as many other authentic Asian dishes. Asia Restaurant is located in Las Sabinas.

Andale Mexican Restaurant.

Three private dining rooms and friendly atmosphere waiting for those looking for authentic Mexican cuisine. Andale Mexican Restaurant is located in the center of tennis.


Pasta, pizza and other great Italian dishes are available in Luigi in Hyatt Las Lomas Village. Open for dinner only, this restaurant offers two private dining rooms and a delicious Italian atmosphere.

La Bodega.

La Bodega, which is located in La Plaza, offers the best Spanish wine. Located in La Manga Club.

La Cala.

Overlooking the beautiful Mediterranean panorama, La Cala open seasonally for lunch and dinner. Enjoy the view with a nice glass of wine.

El Bistro.

One of the many family-friendly restaurants in La Manga Club, El Bistro offers everyday specials centered on receiving great value for money. Located in Bella Luz, El Bistro is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Uncle Sam.

This right American-style restaurant offers rock and roll music, memorabilia 1950s and American food. Open for dinner only, Uncle Sam’s is located in La Plaza.